About Us

OneNewsIndia.com is India’s first dedicated 24×7 news website which offers the latest national and international news on current affairs, politics, entertainment, real estate, health, career, lifestyle, food etc.
This website was launched on April 2019 is an online news website which is committed to providing the masses with the latest news in India and around the globe. Here you can read updates from current affairs, politics, sports, entertainment, and globally. Launching a news portal of India was an initiative to connect the large masses of the city.
This online news website regularly updates the news stories, which includes breaking news and developments of national news and international news. Thus, one does not have to wait for the next day’s news papers or for the news hour on television to get updated about the current affairs; OneNewsIndia provides you with fresh, authentic and reliable news around the clock. The search bar on the page allows a person to get to their topic of interest within a few seconds. There is no need to skim through pages of unwanted stories and advertisements just to find what a person is looking for.
Besides, the usual dose of daily news, the india’s news portal also conducts various polls on the ‘trending’ story. Here is where viewers are given the opportunity to share their sentiments. The news website also touches on less serious topics like astrology , travel and lifestyle. OneNewsIndia has something in it for everyone.